Fairly Traded and Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

All of the products are hand blended in very small batches here in Bristol UK using certified organic and wild crafted ingredients. 


Sourced from small communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by a few, carefully selected group of reputable traders who have many years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients and over the years have developed strong relationships and partnerships with the communities that they trade with.

There is a committed emphasis on sustainability, fair trade and the welfare of their partners particularly in countries where everyday living can be a difficult challenge economically.

A lot of good is being done out there by these traders and Ntuka is proud to be a very small part of that goodness


Choosing Organic and Wild Harvested Ingredients

This is Ntuka's little contribution to do what is right. Additionally, pure, high quality ingredients are much more potent and offer much better therapeutic benefits, a desired outcome for all of the Ntuka products.

Each product is packaged in luxurious recyclable miron violet glass. Miron violet glass is known for it's excellent efficiency in preserving it's contents. Safeguarding the ingredients within and keeping them fresh. A very important function, particularly for blends like Ntuka's that do not contain any added preservatives. 

The labels are designed by my generous husband who has based the unique art work on the same designs found on the Botswana baskets and all the labels are printed here in Bristol by an independent small business 

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